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KULAKLI LEGAL has a significant experience in construction and real estate law. It provides comprehensive services to its Turkish and foreign clients in this field. In addition, KULAKLI LEGAL has been involved in the development of numerous construction projects in Türkiye and abroad, and in the preparation processes of public tenders. It also provides consultancy services to real estate investment funds. The preparation of shopping and business center, hotel management contracts and the representation of clients during these processes are other available services.

KULAKLI LEGAL also provides consultancy services to its clients on all kinds of construction contract issues. International construction contracts (FIDIC), construction contracts for land share, revenue-sharing construction contracts, public-private partnership (PPP) contracts are some of them. It also provides legal consultancy services to its clients in project financing and construction processes.

KULAKLI LEGAL represents its clients in the resolution of disputes arising from real estate law. Disputes arising from confiscation without expropriation, development plans, land and plot arrangements, zoning legislation, condominium ownership, problems related to urban transformation, land registry and cadastre services, land use are just some of them.

KULAKLI LEGAL also offers consultancy within the framework of legal legislation especially for Turkish or foreign natural persons legal entities who want to invest in real estate in some locations in Türkiye and abroad. In this context, besides to the acquisition of real estate, sales and leasing transactions are among the other services KULAKLI LEGAL offers. However, before any investment, it also conducts feasibility studies such as land or building use and development plans.