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Banking and finance are basically a field for the provision of financing requirements of enterprises arising in line with the establishment, purchasing, project development, import and export, consortium formation, restructuring or general purposes. The consultancy service provided by KULAKLI LEGAL in this field includes the preparation, follow-up and signing of loan agreements, including documentation, which are mainly used in a wide range of industrial areas. Carrying out this process on a solid basis with a legal consultancy is extremely important in terms of correctly defining the relations between the parties, managing the risks, preventing possible disputes and resolving the disputes that arise.

KULAKLI LEGAL also provides services in the restructuring of existing financings affected by market developments at national and global levels. Besides to these, legal consultancy services are provided for bank letters of guarantee, letters of credit, and other issues needed in the field of banking and finance in the process of mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, it has a dynamic structure that supervises the compliance of legal structures of international financial institutions and their activities in Türkiye with the local legislation, as well as the compliance of the structures and transactions of banks and other financial institutions with the legislation.

KULAKLI LEGAL acts together with expert partners in this field when needed.