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■ Acquisition of Immovable Property of Real Persons, Who Have Foreign Nationality, in Türkiye by Inheritance in Consideration of Judicial Decisions (2021) (with Murat ORUÇ).

■ Does The Allegation of a Legal Right Constitute a Reason for the Retributive Debartment from Inheritance? (2021).

■ The Evaluation of The Issues on Jewelry in Consideration of Supreme Court Decisions (2019).

■ A Comperative Law Study Within The Context of Post Marital Maintenance and The Duration of Post Marital Maintenance (2018).

■ Reasons of the Urban Transformation Regime in Türkiye, Its Application and Some Effects on Private Law (2017).

■ Passing of Risk on Sale of Real Estate (2017).

■ The Problem of Registration of The Property in The Confiscating Without Expropriating Cases in The Administrative Jurisdiction (2015).

■ Responsibility arising from the Acts of Assistant Person in Diagnosis and Treatment Contracts (2009).