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KULAKLI LEGAL is conscious that justice is the most basic vital value. In this perspective, law is a social order that serves to ensure and protect justice and encompasses all living areas. From this sense of view, it is not a field of conflict, but a field of reconciliation in which rights are delivered to their owners with an understanding of justice and fairness.

Our mission is to provide consultancy services to our clients at the highest standards and to provide the most appropriate legal solutions for their needs within the framework of above-mentioned understanding. For this purpose, KULAKLI LEGAL works closely with its clients in all legal processes leading to a versatile, comprehensive, and holistic approach, as well as to effective results.

Our vision is to be an esteemed worldwide law fırm that is academically and operationally competent and provides the top level of service to the clients. For this reason, KULAKLI LEGAL has a dynamic structure that closely follows all national and international developments in law.

In addition, KULAKLI LEGAL supports many social projects and educational activities aimed at ensuring social justice and legal awareness.




KULAKLI is an associate professor in civil law and the founder of KULAKLI LEGAL.

KULAKLI’s academic and scientific work and years of experience brings technical expertise and entrepreneurial thinking to complex and rapidly changing areas of law including real estate and zoning. Earlier in his career, he offered services as a legal consultant to public institutions. His significant experience with public office consultancy imparts a particularly insightful perspective to his advice and counsel in matters resolving major disputes arising from infrastructure and expropriation issues regarding property rights.

KULAKLI, with his expedient expertise in academic civil law, offers an effective and solution-based service to his clients for consultancy and dispute resolution matters. In this regard, he played an important role in disputes arising between the parties of agreements, especially within the scope of construction law.


• J.D. – İstanbul University – Institute of Social Sciences (Immovable Property Restrictions Arising From Zoning Restrictions Also Land and Parcel Adjustment)

• LL.M. – İstanbul University – Institute of Social Sciences (Product Liability and Concept of Defect)

• Law School – İstanbul University – School of Law


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