KULAKLI LEGAL proposes effective, practical and specific solutions at domestic and international level through its qualified and professional consultancy services in line with the clients’ needs, provides legal support in commercial activities in various sectors and undertakes proactive role in the protection of their legal rights. In this way, KULAKLI LEGAL aims to minimize any risks that the clients may encounter.

KULAKLI LEGAL favors an approach adapted to the dynamics of business and commercial life in legal services and acts with effective strategies determined within this framework. In this sense, it relies on the method of negotiation in the resolution of disputes; mediation, litigation and arbitration procedures are also considered as relevant solutions. In addition, KULAKLI LEGAL meticulously draws up all kinds of contracts to meet the clients’ needs.
Thanks to its academic knowledge and experience, KULAKLI LEGAL acts in the light of the most up-to-date in helping its clients to achieve their goals.